Mürren - Spielbodenalp - Bryndli – Rotstockhütte (2 h)

From Mürren you can reach the Spielbodenalp on the gently sloping street. Here you should make the worthwhile detour to Sprutz (30min). It's a steep path up to Bryndli. From there, a splendid high-altitude hike leads to the Rotstockhütte without any incline.


Mürren - Schiltalp - Wasenegg - Rotstockhütte (2.5 h)

From Mürren you can reach the Schiltalp on a gently sloping freight road. A short, steep ascent to the Wasenegg awaits you. From there it's a short, leisurely descent to the Rotstockhütte.


Stechelberg - Sefinental - Rotstockhütte (3.5 h)

Behind the Hotel Stechelberg it goes over the Steinberglütschine, the steep heap up into the Sefinental. It is a beautiful hike in the valley floor along the white Lütschine (detour to Chilchbalm possible). It continues via Oberberg to the Rotstockhütte. The ascent is shortened if you start in Gimmelwald. 


Birg- Grauseeli- Wasenegg-Rotstockhütte (2 h)

From the Birg cable car station, descend to the Grauseeli. Then it is a steep descent in a washed-out road bed. Then it is a slight ascent to Wasenegg. And from then on it's a short, leisurely descent to the Rotstockhütte. 


Schilthorn - Roter Härd - Rotstockhütte (2.5 h)

Hike only for experienced mountain hikers. The mountain hike is offset by stairs and ropes up to the Roten Härd. This is followed by an interesting hike through the nival zone and scree into the beautiful, green Sefinental.